Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A couple more for display

That nice big photograph of a haul truck... photography, used without license or permission.

Row two, column two... photography, used without license or permission.


So as mentioned in my previous post, American Diesel and Machine used three of my photographs on their website without my knowledge or consent. So I reverse google searched these images, and a few others in my mining portfolio, and here's what I got...

Starting off with the two other photographs that American Diesel pilfered:

It hurts extra when its a fellow Canadian company stealing from me.

Bonjour M. Marc Lafontaine, President of Misa, whose picture is right there under my illegally obtained photograph.

And a few other popular choices...

Some more news and "news" reporters...

At least these guys attributed the photograph to me, but that does not negate the use without license or permission.

And another activistish site, stealing my photography...

And the Money Makers...

These schmoes had the nerve to not only include my photograph in their corporate presentation (row 2, column 2), but to also post the presentation onto their website...with a "copyright 2014 Arcadis" right there on the slide. A little advice: if you're going to put up a copyright notice, you should make sure you actually own the copyright to the content. I wonder who owns the copyright to the other six photographs on the slide, eh.

There's the copyright claim at the bottom of the webpage again.
And these guys sell franchises, so they must be able to afford an image license, eh.

In summary, all these companies and organizations, and the ones previously mentioned, stole my photography and used it without license or permission.

I was going to give my two cents on the subject, but I can't afford to at this time, on account that none of these schmoes paid me to use my photography.

This is going to be a long post...

So after noticing that Cecilia Jamasmie over at had used my photograph without license or permission (as mentioned in my blog previous post), my interest was peaked. I decided to reverse google search my photograph that she had used. Wow, the results surprised me. I found my photograph being illegally used on news websites, "News" websites, NGOs' websites, Non-profit companies' websites, FOR profit companies' websites, YALE University's website...
...I found it on a lot more websites than I was expecting.
Here, let me share some with you.

News & "News" Reporters
So I let know about the use of my photograph. They apologized and removed it, saying that the image was wrongly labelled in their database as "iran-open-pit-mine" with a Creative Commons license. Funny thing about that: when I reverse searched the image, it came up on their website in an Article from 2014 about Yancocha.
First time is a mistake.
Second time is just plain shady.

But hey, they're not the only news reporters using the image without my consent...

Financial Tribune

The Trent

Mining Press Peru


DD Refining blog

The Mech Warrior

It even makes an appearance on Yale University's website.

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Holier Than Thou Tree Huggers
Its hard to take someone seriously who is acting as a morality police yet stealing my photographs...


 Making profit, but not sharing...

The Mine Scout

Hey, look, there's the founder's face, just below my photograph.
Hey Elliot Meena, how about sending me payment for use, bro?

Australian Institute of Resources Training

Behin Mining

Blackstone Resources

Dominion Gold

A Canadian Gold Junior.
How embarrassing for the rest of us in the sector.

BSafe Consultancy

Gromit Recycling

Hydrorb Remote Sensing

West Hills Construction

Florida Engines

Munafa Cam

Sapin Business Consultants

Tachyon Global Advisors

Trans4mation Universal

And my personal favourite, American Diesel & Machine. They not only used the photograph in question, but they also used two more of my photographs, displayed right underneath the first!

Thieves! All of them!
So I think I might send a few of these guys/gals invoices.
Wouldn't you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flattering, but illegal...and inaccurate actually

Since I work in the industry, I peruse a few mining news sites on occasion. 
And today I came across this:

Yes, that is an article on about Iran and mining with one of my photographs, used without license or permission.
And here it is again on another article about Iran and mining, using my photograph without license or my permission.
Funny thing though...’s actually a photograph from Peru.
Not Iran.
But why be accurate if you’re stealing the image anyway, right?
Anyway, for more mining images go here.