Tuesday, November 10, 2015

East Coast 2015 Wrap Up

From Quebec to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Labrador and back again, it was a great roadtrip.
I put close to 7700kms on the SRT in the end and managed to see quite a lot of the east side of the country.
Other various pictures from the trip are up in the galleries.

This completes the trip galleries, so I've added it to my travel destinations.

The loop in the wind and rain

When we arrived back on the main land after our sojourn to Newfoundland, 
we decided to drive the cabot trail around Cape Breton.
We spent the night at a fantastic motel in Cheticamp.
It was on the edge of the water and had spectacular views.

Icebergs & Eiders

For our trip to L'Anse aux Meadows, we stayed at a little hotel in St. Anthony.
Right next to the hotel was the whale watching tour dock.
So we gave it a go.
Saw one Minke whale, briefly, and she was camera shy.
Luckily we did see some icebergs and a whole bunch of eider ducks.

Overall, it was a relaxing cruise and quite enjoyable.