Friday, September 6, 2013


Soooo....yeah, its taken a little longer to get the Budapest pictures up.
Its not my fault.
Its Dell's.
They sent me a new computer with a faulty video card...
...then removed my operating system, because that's the logical thing to do when a video card is faulty.

After waiting a week for them to send a disk with my operating system on it, because removing an operating system without making sure there was a way to put it back on would make sense, it was reinstalled...
...and viola, the video card was still faulty.

So the following week, they sent along a guy with a new video card.
And he installed it and here I am.

Total hours of my life I spent talking to Dell reps that I will never get back...12.
Total weeks my computer was doa, thanks the the Dell rep who removed my operating system...2.
Total times I will purchase another Dell product, or recommend them to someone else...0.

Anyway, Budapest was awesomely photogenic, as is apparent in the pictures.
It has large portions that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
And we were there at the peak of the Danube's flooding this summer.

With that I've completed my Budapest/Helsinki/Vienna trip galleries and so I've updated my travel gallery with links to the latest trips (Thunder Bay, Senegal, Hungary) and the new countries that I've visited (Austria & Hungary).