Wednesday, January 27, 2016


So as mentioned in my previous post, American Diesel and Machine used three of my photographs on their website without my knowledge or consent. So I reverse google searched these images, and a few others in my mining portfolio, and here's what I got...

Starting off with the two other photographs that American Diesel pilfered:

It hurts extra when its a fellow Canadian company stealing from me.

Bonjour M. Marc Lafontaine, President of Misa, whose picture is right there under my illegally obtained photograph.

And a few other popular choices...

Some more news and "news" reporters...

At least these guys attributed the photograph to me, but that does not negate the use without license or permission.

And another activistish site, stealing my photography...

And the Money Makers...

These schmoes had the nerve to not only include my photograph in their corporate presentation (row 2, column 2), but to also post the presentation onto their website...with a "copyright 2014 Arcadis" right there on the slide. A little advice: if you're going to put up a copyright notice, you should make sure you actually own the copyright to the content. I wonder who owns the copyright to the other six photographs on the slide, eh.

There's the copyright claim at the bottom of the webpage again.
And these guys sell franchises, so they must be able to afford an image license, eh.

In summary, all these companies and organizations, and the ones previously mentioned, stole my photography and used it without license or permission.

I was going to give my two cents on the subject, but I can't afford to at this time, on account that none of these schmoes paid me to use my photography.

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