Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebration calls for...

...a new lens.
So in celebration of accepting a position with a new company, which will involve frequent trips to West Africa, I went out in search of a nice telephoto lens.
And I had a few characteristics in mind:
1) It had to be as light as possible since I'd be lugging it around in my backpack with all my other things.
2) It had to be as small as possible - see 1)
3) I wanted it to reach as far as possible. I already have a 300mm and a 1.4 extender, giving me 420mm of reach, so I was hoping for something longer.
4) A zoom would be better than a prime since it would lower the risk of missing a photo op while spending time changing lenses.
5) Image stability would be an added bonus since I'd like to take shots without a mono or tripod.
With all that in mind, I found what I was looking for.
I found the Sigma APO 150mm - 500mm F5-6.3 OS.

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Meredith Sledge said...

My gooooooodness, you have a lot of equipment. I'm jealous.