Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween on Church Street

One of the few things I love about living in the big city (being from the wilderness of northwestern Ontario originally) is the diversity.
And craziness.
I joined my local photography club last night to check out Halloween on Church Street.

It was so warped and freaky, that only a fisheye lens could capture it properly.
The costumes were amazing and everyone was so friendly.
I think I've found myself a new annual event.

I've included some pictures on my flickr to tide you over until I have a chance to update my site.


Heliinä said...

Those are awesome! That vampire chick's eyes are freaky! SOOOOO many great costumes! Do they have some sort of parade or something? What's Church Street all about?

Did you dress up?

Mikhail said...

Yeah, I have a couple other nice zombies with freaky eyes too...awesome...I didn't dress up this year...didn't have enough time to think up wasn't a parade...but they had the street shut down and there was a stage with a dj playing music...Church St is the "village" ( Haja and I got a laugh out of the fact that more guys were flirting with me than her lol