Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lighting Workshop

A Saturday spent in a classroom is a Saturday lost...
...unless its spent gaining key insights about the art that you love.
Which, for me is the art of capturing images, moments, objects at a certain moment in time...capturing time...taking photographs. And on this Saturday, I did gain some key insights. About light and photography.

I attended a workshop put on by a fellow photographer named Andy Mina. If you picture David Schwimmer mixed with Christopher Walken, you get a pretty good idea of Andy. The workshop covered some basic principles, then focused on off-camera external (non-ambient) light sources and how to effectively utilize them to create desired effects in images. Andy spent half the day sharing his knowledge, then we spent the other half experimenting with what he taught. Overall, it was a great workshop in which I learned and understood more about properly and effectively using light, then I have from all other workshops/sources up to now. Great job Andy!

Results of a few of the experiments:

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