Monday, February 9, 2009

Ducks & Such

Pictures from the cove...

First up, the manditory gull shot

Next up, the Mallard

Next, the Bufflehead

And, the Bufflehead diving

And now for the divers that haven't been around before

The Lesser Scaup

The Female Lesser Scaup

The Red-Breasted Merganser

The Female Meganser

And finally, the Common Goldeneye...
...who did NOT want to be photographed


VIKING ZEN said...

Wooow! That mallard shot is so vibrant- looks like a painting!
As we say here in my neck of the woods, "wicked awesome!"

Mike said...

Yeah, he came right up to me on the shore...he was all like "hey, where's the bread crumbs? Crackers? Anything? Oh, is that a stupid camera? Pffft, and I swam all the way over here...for nothing..."
Then he just stuck his tail feathers up at me and swam away.