Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Irish Famine Memorial and Tommy Thomson Park

So I decided to head into Toronto on Sunday.
My goal was to walk around Tommy Thomson Park as well as find the elusive Irish Famine Memorial.
Tommy was a nice refreshing walk, but at this time of year the place was pretty desolate and boring. There were a couple swans and some seagulls bobbing about in the water, but that was about it. And shots of the downtown skyline were slightly skewed by that familiar GTA smog.
The Irish Famine Memorial had eluded me previously, but this time I found her!
She was tucked in a corner piece of property, behind some old silos and city works buildings.
I have to admit, the memorial is a pretty cool looking place.
I snapped a few pics during the outing, and may post some up later.
I'll keep you posted...on my posting.

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